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John Angheli Presents the Self-Actualization Quest Counselling Solution:

What Is the Most Effective Method to Discover and Live Out Your Soul Mission?

(... WITHOUT Copying Someone Else’s ‘Leadership Style’, Burning Out By Working 15-Hour Days, 7 Days a Week, Or Other Inauthentic Fads That Saturate the Web)

Design Your Own Self-Actualization Quest, As Seen In the Feature Documentary, 'The Great Aha!'

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Discover How to Most Effectively Perform Your Own Self-Actualization Quest ... And Break Through Life's Biggest Dilemmas.

Question: What Do Most Beloved Movies of All Time Have in Common?
What Is the Common Thread Behind So Many Diverse Films Like: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars (Original), Dead Poets Society, Matrix, Wizard of Oz, Karate Kid, Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Pan’s Labyrinth, Batman Begins and Many, Many Others?

Answer: They All Follow the Narrative Format of ‘The Hero’s Journey’, or the Monomyth.

There’s a unifying narrative behind all great stories. Forms change, but the essence of the story remains constant. And here is how literature professor Joseph Campbell summed it up:

“A Hero Ventures Forth from the World of Common Day, Into a Region of Supernatural Wonder.
There, Fabulous Forces Are Encountered and a Decisive Victory Is Won.
The Hero Comes Back from This Mysterious Adventure with the Power to Bestow Boons on His Fellow Man.” (Campbell, 1949)

To put this another way, the essence of a great story is that it follows a specific structure … THREE FUNDAMENTAL ACTS:

First, there’s a major, irreconcilable problem in the ordinary world, and the hero is called forth to address this issue. He or she is challenged to step out of their ‘ordinary world’, to enter a new world of sorts, where they may find a meaningful solution.

Second, the hero is then initiated into this special world, where through a series of tasks and trials – especially through a ‘critical ordeal’ – he or she is forced to grow. Through this ordeal, they receive a major revelation.

Third, the hero then returns to their ordinary world, where with the revelation gained, they benefit their fellow man. Through this adventure, the hero is meaningfully transformed.

Why we all resonate with this meta-narrative structure is because it speaks to THE TIMELESS META-METHOD for how all great breakthroughs from the ordinary are actually accomplished: i.e.

I. To go beyond the current level of awareness that is currently creating a problem in your life – you and I must step out of our own ordinary world and to encounter a radically ‘new world’… a new perspective.

II. In this new world, we are to test ourselves and go through an ordeal, so we may arrive at a revelation that is beyond the level of thinking that’s currently sourcing our problems.

III. And with this new revelation, we are to then come back to our ordinary lives, and to benefit those we love and lead. (Beginning first and foremost, with ourselves).

This Three-Fold Act in Real Life, (This Meta-Method), Is What We Call a ‘Self-Actualization Quest’.

What Is Then Self-Actualization Quest Counselling?

Self-Actualization Quest Counselling is a counselling arrangement for those who seek to actualize their next stage in life and their leadership formation journey.

Like with the Hero’s Journey structure, we are here to support you with the three-fold setup up of:

  • what is to be your ‘region of supernatural wonder’, where you will face your demons;
  • what trials, tests and ordeals should you set up in order to come out with a revelation; 
  • and how to apply the discovery of your boon, in your ordinary world.

In short, it is a breakthrough intervention counselling series to discover your own breakthroughs for the major problems of your life.

So when does you need to do one?

It is our suggestion that you should perform one, anytime you are stuck in any of the five stages, of our leadership journey…

Because at various stages in our leadership journey, we can become severely stuck, and the types of entrapments that we can experience, they share very similar narrative structures. That is:

1.    We can get stuck in not knowing our mission and what our leadership calling is all about.
2.    We can get stuck in not knowing how to lead ourselves and who our own tribe is, who we are meant to serve.
3.    We can get stuck in not knowing our unique voice as a leader and what our signature strengths are.
4.    We can get stuck in not knowing how to most effectively produce, so that we can make the most of our gifts with the least amount of resources and the maximum amount of impact.
5.    Or we can get stuck in not knowing the succession of our leadership.

Now symptoms of being trapped at a certain level manifest themselves in conditions such as burnout and high stress, depression and despondence, or a lack of self-confidence and the ‘imposter syndrome’…

These feelings are often accompanied by a lot of indecision and existential doubt about your potential.

Which is tragic because most of us do not have a map of the natural stages of leadership formation, and as a result, we often don’t realize that this is completely normal…

Furthermore, we have no idea which direction to take next in order to move forward to the next stage.

As a result, many unfortunately assume that this predicament is permanent and that it is an unchangeable limitation of oneself. They even see it as a failure of their character or personality…

And this is where we can help.

If any of the previous problems resonated with you, a Self-Actualization Quest is the most efficient and straightforward solution for getting unstuck.

What is a Self-Actualization Quest?

Well, throughout history, the time-tested method for making a genuine breakthrough has been to go out into the wild (or a solitary retreat) and deeply think about the profound issues of one’s life.

A Self-actualization Quest is a way to uncover your own answer, your own personal and authentic solution to the current problem that you have, which may be hidden from your present view. 

This is a Self-Actualization Quest and it generally takes four main forms:

1. A VIGIL – a 24-hour intensive where you concentrate your attention and come to an emergent solution for how to make a leap to the next level;

2.  VISION QUESTa 2 to 7-day out in the wild intensive, applying various mental and spiritual techniques, in order to arrive at a heightened perspective upon your life issues;

3. A CHILLA NASHINI – a 40-day intensive, (as illustrated in my feature documentary, ‘The Great Aha’), whereby one comes to essentially reformat the habitual ways of perceiving and acting in your world;

4. A PILGRIMAGE, A SABBATICAL, or A WALKABOUT, (as the Australian Aborigines called it)– an intentional journey of various durations, where you get to experience an ‘out of the ordinary’ range of locations and activities (like in the book/movie, ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ for instance), whereby you make new connections and gain new perspective about your life.

All these processes listed above are various forms of the same thing – they are ‘Quests for Self-actualization’ – or various ways through which we may discover deeper truths about

  • who we can potentially be,
  • what we need to do with our lives,
  • how we are to be with those we love, and so on… 

… authentic to our personality and our unique life path.

When you start researching the biographies of practically all the great men and women in our history, you’ll see this process at work almost always. All great men and women undertake such quests throughout their lives, whether they consciously define them as such or not.

Our counselling services here are all about is to support you in the formation and planning of your most strategic Self-actualization Quest solution.

We will help you identify and coordinate the most important processes you need to put in place that are highly relevant to your problem and your leadership formation stage.

We will counsel you on the various philosophical and spiritual processes and exercises that you can or should enable… all the way down to practical, physical plans and checklists for your safety and well-being.

A Complete Self-Actualization Quest Counselling Experience
(In Five Phases)

1st: Awareness of Present Position

In the first coaching session, together with your coach – whether with myself or another coach trained in our framework – we take an objective assessment of your life, where you are stuck, and why. It’s a comprehensive self-assessment of where you’re at, where you are stuck, and your desired destination or outcome.

In this first coaching session, we’ll uncover the results you’d like to arrive at as a result of this Self-actualization Quest.

2nd: The Personal Wilderness Intensive Design

In the second session, behind the scenes, we take the results of your assessment and design a custom-made ‘Self-actualization Quest Experience Plan’ for you, with just the right processes you need, for the breakthrough you’re seeking.

We will design a customized set of contemplative or philosophical practices, journal entries, readings, and whatever else we think is necessary for you to make a fundamental heart and mind shift.

This will help you arrive at a clear resolution that gives you complete confidence.

3rd: The ‘Meeting with Q’ Session

Like in the James Bond films, where 007 special agent goes to see ‘Q’ (the head of research and development in the British Secret Service) – in this next counselling session, you, as the ‘special agent’, will receive your custom-designed set of tools to help you succeed on your special op.

Here, you and your coach will review your tools and how to use them. You’ll be guided through the designed set of practices that we have set for you, which you are to apply then on your Self-actualization Quest.

We’ll get you prepared both physically and mentally for the experience – covering what to bring, where to go, and just how to undertake such an intensive.

4th: Your Self-actualization Quest

In the fourth phase, you will go out and do the Self-actualization Quest that we co-designed and you prepared for. You’ll undertake your own personal intensive – whether this is a vigil, a chilla-nashini, a vision quest, or a pilgrimage…

During this experience, you will then follow the set of practices and processes set out, in order to discover the clarity of mind and confidence of spirit for what’s to come next in your leadership formation journey.

Behind the scenes, here at our headquarters, as part of your personal mastermind, we will daily affirm in faith the realization of your authentic voice and your spirit-led insight. So while you’re undertaking your intensive, each day your personal coach will also faithfully affirm your breakthrough realization as a ‘trans-personal meeting of minds’.

5th: The Way Forward into Habit Formation

In the fifth phase, after your Self-actualization Quest experience, you will then have your last counselling session. Here, we discuss the revelations that emerged from this quest, and we will help you to crystallize the take away insight that you received from this process.

We’ll then give you further tools and resources for how you can live out these insights in practice. Our aim here is that whatever insights you had – you’ll integrate these directly into your habits. (This session equips you for the long-term game thereafter.)

Our Self-Actualization Quest Counselling Options:

Single Strategic Session


Get a 90-Minute Strategic Self-Actualization Quest Counselling Session – where we’ll explore your leadership dilemma, the most optimal processes for how to arrive at a meaningful breakthrough, and how to effectively set it all up.

Your Investment: $1195

Complete Counselling


Get the complete five phase Self-Actualization Quest Counselling solution – starting with a 360-assessment, and ending with counselling upon the habits needed, to make your breakthrough realization a reality.

Your Investment: $2,995

P.S. One Last Thing…

To take a Self-actualization Quest, is to engage in a timeless technology for how we can dramatically expand your awareness, creativity and power. These are causal patterns for lasting life changes.

Throughout both East and West, including Native Australia or America, our collective wisdom throughout time has arrived at this same one conclusion… These practices are essential in learning how to combat the most difficult of enemies, the enemy of our ‘egoic self’.

It’s through intensives like these that we become psychologically stronger.

Like Luke Skywalker in the film Star Wars, where he goes to the swamp and fights his own shadow potential to become like Darth Vader – each one of us, to become great, needs this confrontation and strengthening of will towards the good.

For ultimately, we all need to go beyond more information. We need to discover within ourselves – our original calling and the strength to will into being a new dimension of life, a better version of you.

What intensives like these can offer you is a direct connection with your own voice, with your own spirit or will…

For it is [You] that needs the power to make the right choices throughout life. And if you don’t have this strength of will to choose what is of highest good – of what use is merely knowledge?

This is why all the greats have taken Self-actualization Quests!

Although it may appear that you lose time in the process, they actually save you time in the long run. They offer a shortcut to finding your best version of self.

If you want to find your authentic voice, you need to take on your own hero’s journey.

I believe that everyone, at least once in their life, needs to cross the threshold of ordinary living and go into the wild – to confront their own inauthenticity and potential for evil, as well as the better angel of their nature.

Humanity has not yet found a better and more profound answer for how to tackle the great problem of how we can ever change ourselves for good, than to take on an intensive. After all…

If Jesus and Buddha needed a wilderness intensive to reawaken and think,
how much more do we?

For our life is like a great boulder that’s rolling downhill. The longer we have lived – the more years we’ve had to do what we have done, over and over – the longer this boulder of habits has traveled downhill.

This boulder now has great momentum behind it. Your present willpower can only do so much to resist its force.

To regain control and meaningfully change direction, this requires all of your faculties to be active and to come to work in unison, in order to realign:

  • how you process things mentally,
  • how you interact physically within your environment,
  • and how you come to reconnect with the voice of Your Spirit, Your Will

The clichéd, quick-fix solutions that most suggest fail because the same old patterns that you’ve lived with up to now never get interrupted.

So you wake up and are surrounded by the same stimuli and triggers that pulled you out of line before, over and over. You then begin to think in the same way as you have thought before. Then you feel the same things that you have felt before…

And sure enough, you then act in the same way, like clockwork.

P.P.S. And One Very Last Thing…

Dr. Abraham Maslow once said, “the story of the human race is the story of men and women selling themselves short.”

Why? Because we’re culturally told to sell ourselves short.

Low expectations are everywhere (and only getting lower). Vulgarity and mediocrity are today’s norm. Expecting to become exceptional is the new dirty word.

In our present-day cultural norm, the set prototype for your ‘average life’ is that you work at a pointless job, stay single, and feed the economy with your endless consumption – to consume more things, more media, more places, more people. (Maybe get a dog to keep you company and then die.)

If you did not exactly follow this blueprint, and “love” has you now in a partnership with children, the second cultural norm is that you be miserable in this arrangement or aim to be back in the primary prototype… (And certainly, if you yourself fail to conform to this consumerist life – your children will be indoctrinated for you, to want to.)

We think this is very, very far from okay. It’s frankly outrageous! Why do we support this?

This is why what we are suggesting here is somewhat ‘counter-cultural’…

  • But we’ve had enough of being sold short!
  • We’ve had enough of settling for a soul junkyard existence!
  • We hold as self-evident that our lives are too precious and valuable – to not become all that we can be.

If you think the same, then join us. If you know you’ve departed from your calling and are on the wrong road, the sooner you stop and turn around, the sooner you can arrive at your destination.

Don’t spend another minute driving further in the wrong direction. Every minute you go over requires another minute more to travel back from where you started.

Remember, you’re mortal. You have no idea if tomorrow, or next week, or next year may be your very last on Earth. Are you ready?

Have you expressed your true calling, or have you prioritized ‘something else’?

That inner voice that urges you to live a life of joy and purpose is very much real. That small voice is your ‘inner GPS’, telling you that it’s possible to change direction and choose a better path.

Listen to it.

You have the power to choose.

Be a real hero. Return to your calling, stronger.

Memento Mori.

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